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Cruden Bay – Championship

Cruden Bay – Championship

Overlooked by Slains Castle, (said to be the inspiration for Bram Stokers ‘Count Dracula’ character) the Championship Links at Cruden Bay is considered to be a masterpiece by many golf aficionados. Tom Morris and Archie Simpson laid out the original holes with some re-designed by Tom Simpson and Herbert Fowler in 1926. Golfers from all over the world still visit Cruden Bay to marvel at the spectacular assortment of holes and excellent putting surfaces.

1st Hole : Par 4

The first hole will ease you into your round at Cruden Bay. The key is to stay on the left half of the fairway with thick rough and a bunker guarding right. This leaves the best line into the elevated green.

Course Yardage
White 416
Blue 416
Stroke Index 7

2nd Hole : Par 4

The course begins to expose a bit of its quirkiness on the 2nd hole. An iron down the left side of the fairway avoids the right-hand bunkers and sets up a full shot into another elevated green.

Course Yardage
White 331
Blue 357
Stroke Index 13

3rd Hole : Par 4

A drivable par 4 with a blind green which is hidden below the fairway and slightly behind a hill. A good tee shot down onto the fairway over the marker post should lead to at least a par

Course Yardage
White 268
Blue 367
Stroke Index 17

4th Hole : Par 3

The 4th hole at Cruden Bay must be one of the finest short holes in Scotland and begins a stretch of four classic links holes. With a long carry over a valley to a green set into the dunes above, it is not for the faint hearted. Take a three and move on.

Course Yardage
White 196
Blue 196
Stroke Index 9

5th Hole : Par 4

The 5th has a semi-blind drive from an elevated tee into a valley below. From there a low running approach is ideal towards the putting surface which was recently extended at the back to incorporate one of the original Tom Morris greens.

Course Yardage
White 463
Blue 509
Stroke Index 1

 6th Hole : Par 5

The elevated tee shot on the 6th creates an intimidating view of the narrow fairway. It is only at the 130 yard marker that the green becomes visible. At the last moment, the hole twists left, exposing a beautiful raised green set into the dunes. The Bluidy Burn (so called after the Battle of Cruden in 1012 when the burn was said to have run red with blood) runs just in front of the green, and a single bunker will catch any approaches landing short of the target.

Course Yardage
White 517
Blue 531
Stroke Index 11

7th Hole : Par 4

A fantastic dog-leg hole. A good drive will leave an uphill second shot that must be hit between two dunes and up onto the green. Play the yardage and add on one extra club.

Course Yardage
White 393
Blue 458
Stroke Index 5

8th Hole : Par 4

The 8th is a short par 4 which is drivable for longer hitters but the green is tucked away between high dunes. Accuracy is paramount and often a lay-up, followed by a short pitch will give you a better chance of a birdie.

Course Yardage
White 250
Blue 250
Stroke Index 15

9th Hole : Par 4

The 9th hole provides some of the best views on the course. This hole plays as a slight dog-leg to the right towards a green which has a slight run-off on the left. A par figure here is never a bad score.

Course Yardage
White 415
Blue 462
Stroke Index 3

10th Hole : Par 4

The downhill 10th hole requires accuracy with the drive, to leave a short iron into the well bunkered green. Very long hitters should play a 3-wood or long iron to avoid the burn crossing the fairway 290 yards or so from the tee.

Course Yardage
White 374
Blue 392
Stroke Index 6

11th Hole : Par 3

The tee shot to the 11th plays back over the burn to a slightly raised green which creates run-off areas on all sides. Well bunkered on the left, this is a must hit green.

Course Yardage
White 150
Blue 150
Stroke Index 12

12th Hole : Par 4

At the far end of the course lies the 12th hole. This is the last of the short, quirky par 4’s and from here you must face up to the testing run-in for home. A good time to get a birdie 3.

Course Yardage
White 311
Blue 311
Stroke Index 16

13th Hole : Par 5

Your tee shot here will be followed by a lay-up played over the burn and into position to attack the North Berwick ‘Redan’-style green which runs away towards the back. The mound in front of the green makes the approach more difficult if the pin is cut on the right-hand side of the putting surface.

Course Yardage
White 571
Blue 571
Stroke Index 8

14th Hole : Par 4

If a single hole was to sum up the quirkiness of Cruden Bay, the 14th would do it well. A fade aimed at the right-hand bunker will set up the perfect angle into the green which is sunken, sitting nearly

Course Yardage
White 400
Blue 431
Stroke Index 2

15th Hole : Par 3

The 15th is a totally blind par 3 with a large hill between the tee and green. However, it is a large target and choosing to play to the middle of the green no matter where the pin is placed is never a bad idea.

Course Yardage
White 195
Blue 195
Stroke Index 18

16th Hole : Par 3

Another blind par 3 from the tee where the only point of reference is the tip of the flag. Two small grass bunkers lie next to the green, ready to catch any mis-hits.

Course Yardage
White 172
Blue 172

17th Hole : Par 4

There is a choice to be made on the tee at the 17th as players must decide on which side of the mound to drive towards. Once on the fairway, a solid approach is required to hit the flat plateau green.

Course Yardage
White 422
Blue 422
Par 4

18th Hole : Par 4

The 18th is an enjoyable hole to end the round. The gentle left to right turn of the fairway ensures that two well struck shots followed by a couple of putts are required to finish with a par.

Course Yardage
White 419
Blue 419
Par 10

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