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Gullane – No 1 Course

 Gullane – No 1 Course

The history of Gullane No. 1 Course stretches back to 1884 and with every hole having its own distinct character, it is both memorable and enjoyable. Gullane hosted the Scottish Open in 2015 and again in 2018. It is undoubtedly one of Scotland’s finest upland links courses with excellent bunkering and fast, true putting surfaces.

1st Hole : First – Par 4

The opening hole plays no more than a drive and a short iron. If you can stay out of the bunkers a Par 4 should follow.

Course Yardage
White 302
Stroke Index 14

2nd Hole : Windygate – Par 4

The second hole requires an accurate drive towards a dog-legged fairway. The second shot plays uphill to a narrow green which is difficult to hit, even with a wedge in your hands.

Course Yardage
White 390
Stroke Index 4

3rd Hole : Racecourse – Par 4

The 3rd is the first of the par 5 holes on the course and it heads into the prevailing wind. If you play it as a three shot hole there is always a chance of an pitch and putt birdie.

Course Yardage
White 496
Stroke Index 8

4th Hole : Island – Par 3

The raised island green makes this a tricky Par 3 because more often than not the hole is played in a left to right crosswind so select your club and trust your swing.

Course Yardage
White 144
Stroke Index 18

5th Hole : Murray’s Hill – Par 4

The 5th is an uphill right to left dog-leg hole which requires two well shaped shots to reach the green in regulation. Try and leave your approach shot beneath the hole to leave an uphill putt.

Course Yardage
White 450
Stroke Index 1

6th Hole : Roundel – Par 4

Another of the good, solid Par 4 holes at Gullane. Favour the left from the tee for the best angle in to the green.

Course Yardage
White 324
Stroke Index 16

7th Hole : Queen’s Head – Par 4

A great downhill driving hole. Depending on the wind direction your second shot could be played with anything from a 4 iron to a putter.

Course Yardage
White 398
Stroke Index 10

8th Hole : King’s Chair – Par 4

This hole was redirected and lengthened a few years ago and now nothing less than two good shots are required to make the green in regulation.

Course Yardage
White 414
Stroke Index 14

9th Hole : Corbie – Par 3

A well bunkered short hole with stunning views towards Fife. Take your 3 and move on.

Course Yardage
White 175
Stroke Index 12

10th Hole : Thucket Knowle – Par 4

The back nine begins with another strong Par 4. A drive towards the left half of the fairway is ideal to leave the best angle into the green.

Course Yardage
White 466
Stroke Index 2

11th Hole : Maggie’s Loup – Par 4

A drive to the top of the hill will leave a long iron to the green. Aim your approach shot on the right half of the green as anything short and left will end up in the greenside bunker.

Course Yardage
White 471
Stroke Index 7

12th Hole : The Valley – Par 5

A cracking long hole. Avoid the bunkers off the tee and have a cut at the green. Birdie chance.

Course Yardage
White 480
Stroke Index 11

13th Hole : Hole Across – Par 3

Make sure you take enough club here as it’s all carry. Any shot hit up the bank at the rear of the green should run back onto the putting surface.

Course Yardage
White 170
Stroke Index 15

14th Hole : The Shelter – Par 4

The tee shot on the 14th is semi-blind but anything finishing on the fairway should leave no more than a mid-iron to the green.

Course Yardage
White 435
Stroke Index 3

15th Hole : Pumphouse – Par 5

Two good strikes will leave you around a wedge to the green. Check out the hole position and leave yourself below it for your best chance of a birdie.

Course Yardage
White 537
Stroke Index 9

16th Hole : Traprain – Par 3

The last of the par 3’s and it’s another tricky one. Take an extra club here and aim at the centre of the green regardless of the pin position.

Course Yardage
White 186
Stroke Index 13

17th Hole : Hilltop – Par 4

Try and leave your tee shot short of the cross bunkers. This will leave a pitch over the traps and down towards the green.

Course Yardage
White 390
Stroke Index 5

18th Hole : Kirklands – Par 4

A tee shot aimed between the bunkers will leave no more than a wedge to the green. Once you have secured a finishing par make your way over to the clubhouse and enjoy some of the best golf club fayre in East Lothian.

Course Yardage
White 355
Stroke Index 17

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