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St. Andrews – Castle Course

St Andrews – Castle Course

The Castle Course is the seventh course to be created at the Home of Golf. It sits on a dramatic cliff-top location with stunning views over St. Andrews Bay and beyond. It was designed by Scottish Architect David Kidd and is named after Kinkell Castle which stood on the headland known as Kinkell Ness in the middle ages.

1st Hole : Ford – Par 4

Best played as a left to right dog-leg. Access into the green is easier from the left side and a good solid iron could set up an opening birdie.

Course Yardage
White 346
Stroke Index 9

2nd Hole : St. Rule – Par 4

Don’t be tempted into any shortcuts. Play left of the fairway bunkers from the tee and club up on your approach into the green as the pin is further away than it looks.

Course Yardage
White 404
Stroke Index 3

3rd Hole : Cathedral – Par 3

Favour the right side of the green to avoid the deep bunker. If you miss the green, putting back might be the best option.

Course Yardage
White 202
Stroke Index 15

4th Hole : Briery Hill – Par 5

Aim right from the tee to finish adjacent to the fairway bunkers. A lay up short of the burn will leave a full shot into the green and a possible birdie.

Course Yardage
White 540
Stroke Index 7

5th Hole : Brownhills – Par 5

Finding the fairway from the tee is quite straight forward but it is your second shot that will determine whether or not you have a birdie putt. A lay-up on the left side will leave the best angle into the green which sits in a bowl where the contours can be used to your advantage.

Course Yardage
White 536
Stroke Index 1

6th Hole : Pier – Par 4

Favour the left side on the semi-blind tee shot as the fairway will gather your ball to the right. Aim towards the right side of the green on your approach as all the trouble is on the left.

Course Yardage
White 421
Stroke Index 13

7th Hole : Maiden Rock – Par 4

From the tee, favour the right side of the hole from where a low running shot may be your best option into the green.

Course Yardage
White 456
Stroke Index 5

8th Hole : Cave – Par 3

A tricky short hole which is all about distance control. Shot choices vary depending on which tee you are playing from and where the pin is cut on the green.

Course Yardage
White 141
Stroke Index 17

9th Hole : Kinkell Ness – Par 4

The line here depends on how ambitious you are as the further left you go the greater the carry. Aim for the final fairway bunker and you will be left with a short approach shot to the raised green.

Course Yardage
White 381
Stroke Index 11

10th Hole : Horseshoe – Par 3

The back nine begins with a bunker-less but challenging par 3. Club up on your tee shot and aim on the right half of the green.

Course Yardage
White 167
Stroke Index 12

11th Hole : Maiden Pinks – Par 4

With your tee shot, try to stay just left of the fairway bunkers for a flat lie and the best line into the green.

Course Yardage
White 402
Stroke Index 4

12th Hole : Boar’s Chase – Par 4

The fairway opens up over the first group of bunkers. If you can’t make the green, lay up short of the central fairway bunker and hope for a pitch and putt par.

Course Yardage
White 454
Stroke Index 8

13th Hole : High – Par 3

The best play here is to aim towards the left side of the green taking the bunkers out of the equation altogether.

Course Yardage
Stroke Index 18

14th Hole : Covenanters – Par 4

A drive down the left side of the fairway will give you the best view of the green. With no greenside bunkers, it’s a good chance to attack the flag.

Course Yardage
White 400
Stroke Index 14

15th Hole : Spinkston – Par 5

The rock on the right is the line from the tee and this should be followed with a lay-up short of the burn. The green is a small target which puts a premium on accuracy.

Course Yardage
White 585
Stroke Index 2

16th Hole : Craigendaff – Par 4

The fairway will feed your ball from right to left so aim at the highest point on the horizon. The approach isn’t as far as it looks so the clever shot may be to run one in.

Course Yardage
White 406
Stroke Index 16

17th Hole : Braes – Par 3

Take the yardage to the front of the green, add 10 yards and hit between the green and the bunker on the left. Balls will run into the middle of the green from there.

Course Yardage
White 184
Stroke Index 6

18th Hole : Rock & Spindle – Par 5

There is more fairway beyond the diagonal ridge than it would appear so be positive from the tee. A well positioned lay-up may yield a finishing birdie.

Course Yardage
White 555
Stroke Index 10


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