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Whisky is Scotland's national drink. It's also our biggest export, with bottles safely stored in drinks cabinets and proudly displayed on shelves across the globe. Rare bottles sell for thousands of pounds (really rare bottles sell for hundreds of thousands). Whisky is a pretty big deal - but we're not surprised at all.

The art of whisky distilling has been perfected in Scotland for generations. Distillers take pure water from Scotland's crystal-clear streams and plump, golden barley from the fields and transform them into a precious spirit, which is then poured into oak casks and tucked away in warehouses to mature. Most whiskies wait for decades till they're perfect - a long sleep before their moment to shine.

With five whisky regions in Scotland, there are so many whiskies to choose from. Each has its own unique flavours and character. Some are sweet and fruity, some are light and grassy, some have salty notes from the sea, some are steeped in peat smoke and there are countless more in between. We're not exaggerating when we say that there's a whisky out there for you - you just have to find it!