Important Advice

Golf in Scotland, especially at the most famous courses, has never been more popular. As the internet allows clubs to easily reach what were once ‘distant audiences’  coupled with online booking times and more sophisticated marketing, planning the best golf adventures becomes more tricky. Most especially for large groups looking to book specific courses in the same year they want to play them! 

Even if it’s just an initial conversation, where there is absolutely no commitment to book or confirm, think September/October the year before you want to visit. This allows us to just about deliver what you want, when you want it. It also allows you to begin to work out who might be coming with you and the sorts of costs involved.

For larger trips, especially visiting between June-September, tee times need to be optioned well in advance. Accommodation is less time-sensitive but tee times are getting optioned earlier and earlier every year.

At Muirfield Travel we would rather we had an early conversation with you (even if you didn’t decide not to come) than a later one, where the vacation is compromised by lack of course availability when you want it.

There are absolutely no obligations to having an early conversation. And it can make all the difference. 

Please note with the 150th Open now being staged at St Andrews in July 2022, business has never been busier.